OutdoorToys Review – A Comprehensive Review of a Ride-On Toy Retailer

OutdoorToys Review – A diverse group of happy children playing with a variety of colorful ride-on toys, including cars and tricycles, in an outdoor playground setting.

Welcome back to our exploration of the ride-on toy and children’s outdoor play equipment market.

Today, we’re focusing on Outdoor Toys, a subsidiary of REBO UK Limited and now part of A-Z Gartenhaus GmbH, a company I previously analysed in my article Is OutdoorToys Legit and Safe?

This review aims to delve specifically into the ride-on toy category offered by Outdoor Toys.

While Outdoor Toys provides a variety of children’s outdoor play equipment, including trampolines and playhouses, our focus today will be on exploring their range of ride-on toys and how these products stand out in the industry.

Diverse Product Range: Offers a wide array of children’s outdoor play equipment, including unique ride-on toys, trampolines, and playhouses from both renowned brands and in-house designs.

Customer-Oriented Services: Provides comprehensive telephone support and extensive online resources, compensating for the absence of live chat support.

Secure Online Shopping: Utilises Shopify’s reliable platform and SSL encryption, ensuring a safe and trustworthy shopping experience.

Accessible Customer Support: Despite not having a live chat feature, their efficient telephone support and detailed online FAQ section facilitate excellent customer service.

Unique Warranty Options: Features special warranties like the Christmas Warranty and a full refund guarantee on preorders, offering added value to the customers.

Professional Assembly Service: Offers a convenient assembly service, adding to the ease of purchase and setup for busy parents and guardians.

Variety of Accessories: Provides a range of accessories that complement their main product line, enhancing the overall play experience.

Overall Value and Quality: Combines quality products with customer-focused services, making OutdoorToys a strong contender in the children’s outdoor play equipment market.

Outdoor Toys’ Market Position

Outdoor Toys isn’t just another name in the vast children’s play equipment landscape. When compared to giants like SmythsToysArgosRiiRoo, OutsidePlayElectric Ride on Cars, and Kids Electric Cars, OutdoorToys stands out for possibly having the most extensive selection of outdoor toys in the UK.

Their product range covers a broad spectrum of toy categories such as Swings, Climbing Frames, Playhouses, Ride-on Toys, Trampolines, Swimming Pools, and Garden Toys.

outdoortoys header banner

Online Shopping Experience

Outdoor Toys leverages the robust and secure e-commerce platform of Shopify.

While they may not have the interactive product videos found at some competitors, their website’s detailed product listings, complete with comprehensive descriptions and customer reviews, provide valuable insights for informed purchasing decisions.

The integration of Klarna as a payment option on the Outdoor Toys platform significantly elevates the customer shopping experience.

Klarna is renowned for its interest-free financing, a standout feature that allows customers to split their purchase costs into manageable installments without accruing interest.

This flexibility is especially beneficial for families planning significant investments in children’s play equipment.

Klarna offers a range of payment plans to suit different financial needs. Customers can choose to pay for their purchases in full within 30 days, or opt for longer-term plans, spreading the cost over periods ranging from six months up to four years.

This versatility ensures that parents can budget more effectively, selecting a plan that aligns with their financial circumstances.

outdoortoys klarna option on thier website

Furthermore, Klarna’s ‘buy now, pay later’ service is a popular choice among a wide range of retailers. Its user-friendly mobile app enhances the shopping experience with an intuitive interface and a rewards program, adding an extra layer of convenience and value.

This customer-centric approach, combined with strategic expansion, has made Klarna a favorite among consumers.

The availability of Klarna on Outdoor Toys’ website underscores their commitment to providing customer-friendly payment options.

It also reflects a broader understanding of the financial considerations involved in purchasing quality children’s outdoor play equipment.

With Klarna, Outdoor Toys ensures that their customers have access to flexible, interest-free payment options that can make purchasing decisions easier and more accessible.


outdoortoys ssl certificate

An image demonstrating the SSL certificate on the Outdoor Toys website would show that they prioritise customer data protection.

This SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption ensures the safe transmission of personal and payment information, marked by the ‘https’ in their website address and a padlock icon in the browser, thus offering a secure online shopping environment.

Product Listings

outdoortoys product description example

Outdoor Toys’ product listings are detailed and informative. Although lacking the dynamic aspect of product videos, the high-quality images and thorough descriptions give a clear understanding of each product’s features, aiding parents in making well-informed choices for their children.

Additional Specs Section

outdoortoys additional specs section

Each product listing has an additional tab for extra info on each product:

  1. Brand: Indicates the manufacturer of the product. The brand can often be a key indicator of quality, reliability, and the type of after-sales support customers can expect.
  2. Colour: This specification details the available color options for the product, allowing customers to select according to their preferences or to match specific themes.
  3. Warranty: Provides information on the warranty period and what it covers. This is important for customers to understand the manufacturer’s guarantee against defects or issues post-purchase.
  4. Maximum Weight: Refers to the maximum weight the toy can safely support. This is crucial for ensuring the safety and longevity of the product, particularly for ride-on toys.
  5. Top Speed: Indicates the maximum speed the ride-on toy can reach. This is particularly relevant for electric ride-on toys, as it helps parents understand the safety and suitability of the toy for their child’s age and skill level.
  6. Voltage: Specifies the electrical power specifications of the toy, particularly important for battery-operated ride-on toys. It gives an idea of the toy’s power and battery life.
  7. Number of Seats: Details how many children can use the toy at once, whether it’s a single-seater or can accommodate more. This can influence the toy’s social play value and suitability for families with multiple children.
  8. Length: The measurement of the toy from front to back. This dimension helps in understanding the space required for storage and use.
  9. Width: Measures the side-to-side span of the toy. This is important for gauging the space it will occupy and ensuring it fits in play areas.
  10. Height: This is the measurement from the base to the top of the toy. Height can be an indicator of the toy’s scale and suitability for different age groups, as well as its storage requirements.

Customer Interaction and Support

While lacking a live web chat feature, Outdoor Toys compensates with robust telephone support, available for both pre-sale inquiries and post-purchase customer service.

Alongside this, they offer email communication and a contact form, ensuring that customers have multiple avenues for interaction and support.

OutdoorToys Contact Information

For customers seeking to connect with OutdoorToys, it’s essential to be familiar with the various communication channels they provide:

Phone Number for Pre-Sale Inquiries: For any questions before making a purchase, customers can call OutdoorToys at 01691 902737. This line is dedicated to addressing queries about products and services before a sale is made.

Customer Service Phone Number: For all post-purchase queries or concerns, customers should use a different number, 01691 888924. This line is specifically for addressing any customer service issues and is operational from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Email Communication: The primary channel for electronic communication with OutdoorToys is via their email address, [email protected]. This email is actively monitored, ensuring that customer inquiries receive timely and helpful responses.

Contact Form: OutdoorToys also offers a contact form on their website. This is a direct way for customers to send messages to their customer service team. The contact form can be found at the bottom of their website, providing an easy method for reaching out.

Address for Correspondence: Outdoor Toys Station Yard Montgomery SY15 6HF United Kingdom

FAQ and Troubleshooting: For quick answers, customers are encouraged to visit OutdoorToys’ FAQ page at OutdoorToys FAQs. This page contains answers to commonly asked questions and troubleshooting tips, which might provide immediate solutions without the need for direct contact.

Customers are encouraged to use these avenues for any inquiries or assistance they may need.

Content and Guidance

Outdoor Toys stands out for its unique blend of in-house designed play equipment and offerings from renowned brands like BERG, Razor, and Bestway.

Their UK-based design and manufacturing team’s focus on innovation and quality adds a distinctive edge to their product range, making them a valuable resource for children’s outdoor play equipment.

Company Ethos and Structure

Initially a family-run business, Outdoor Toys retains its commitment to quality and customer service under the new ownership of A-Z Gartenhaus.

Their assembly service is a noteworthy feature, providing substantial convenience to busy parents and guardians.

OutdoorToys Professional Assembly Service

OutdoorToys offers a convenient Assembly Service, which seems to be a boon for those who might prefer not to engage in the task of assembling a ride-on toy.

From the information available, this service appears to be quite thorough, involving skilled technicians who build the item, ensuring it meets all operational standards before it’s sent out for delivery.

An important aspect to note is that, due to safety and legal reasons, the toys are shipped without the battery connected.

This means customers will need to make this final connection themselves upon receiving the product. While this step is straightforward, it’s an essential compliance with safety regulations.

It’s interesting to observe that orders including the Assembly Service might experience a delay, especially during peak times.

This could affect those planning for time-sensitive events, as next-day delivery is not available for these orders. Customers should keep this in mind when considering the service for occasions requiring prompt delivery.

The review also suggests that responsibility for the ongoing safety of the assembled item rests with the customer.

It’s advised that customers routinely check the toy for any loose parts, such as screws and bolts, especially after delivery and during regular use.

This precaution is a reminder of the importance of safety in children’s toys, and while the Assembly Service does a preliminary check, the ongoing maintenance and safety checks fall under the user’s purview.

Key Observations of the Assembly Service:

  • The service is managed by trained technicians, indicating a professional and competent assembly process.
  • Each product is checked to ensure it’s in full working order before shipping, reflecting a commitment to quality.
  • The necessity for the customer to connect the battery post-delivery is a safety measure in line with legal requirements.
  • Customers should be aware of potential delays for orders with Assembly Service, especially during busy periods.

Based on their website details, the Assembly Service offered by OutdoorToys appears to be a thoughtful addition to their customer service offerings, especially for those seeking convenience and assurance of quality in their children’s toys.

Additional Services and Offers

The warranty policies of Outdoor Toys are particularly commendable.

Unique offerings like the Christmas Warranty, which starts from Christmas Day, and the preorder warranty with a full refund guarantee, set them apart in the market.

The extended warranties and a variety of accessories further enhance the value proposition of their products.


In summary, Outdoor Toys presents a comprehensive and customer-friendly online shopping experience, backed by a diverse range of quality outdoor play equipment.

Their commitment to customer service, combined with unique warranty offers and additional services, positions them as a notable player in the children’s outdoor play equipment market.

For those seeking high-quality outdoor toys for children, whether it’s a first-time purchase or an addition to an existing collection, Outdoor Toys offers a reliable and satisfying shopping experience.

Visit their website to explore their extensive range and learn more about what they offer.

FAQs of OutdoorToys

OutdoorToys sets itself apart in the industry with its diverse array of children’s outdoor play equipment, including ride-on toys, trampolines, and playhouses. They are unique in that they not only stock products from well-known brands but also have an in-house design and manufacturing team focused on creating innovative play solutions. This blend of variety and innovation caters to a wide range of interests and needs.

OutdoorToys ensures a safe and reliable online shopping experience, utilising the Shopify platform, known for its robustness and security. The presence of SSL encryption means that customer data, including personal information and payment details, is securely handled. This is evidenced by the ‘https’ in their web address and the padlock icon visible in the web browser, offering peace of mind to online shoppers.

Yes, OutdoorToys is committed to providing excellent customer support. While they don’t have a live chat feature, they offer comprehensive telephone support for both pre-sale and after-sales queries. Additionally, their website includes a detailed FAQ section and a contact form for further assistance. They also provide educational content through their product listings and guide articles, making them a valuable resource for buyers.

OutdoorToys enhances the customer experience with several additional services. Notable among these are their unique warranty options, such as the Christmas Warranty and full refund guarantee on preorders, along with extended warranty options. They also offer a professional Assembly Service and a range of accessories, ensuring convenience and adding value to their products. These services, combined with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, make OutdoorToys a standout retailer in the market for children’s outdoor play equipment.


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