RiiRoo Reviews – A Comprehensive Review of a Ride-On Toy Retailer

A colorful digital storefront displaying a variety of ride-on toys, including cars, bikes, and scooters, with an array of accessories like helmets and batteries on the shelves.

RiiRoo Review – Ride-On Toy RetailerWelcome back to our deep dive into the world of ride-on toy retailers. Today, we’re revisiting RiiRoo, a company I previously analysed in my article Is RiiRoo Legit and Safe? 

With over six years in the market, RiiRoo has established itself as a significant player in the industry. 

This review aims to provide an updated and detailed perspective on what sets RiiRoo apart.

RiiRoo Review Summary:

Market Position: RiiRoo offers an extensive selection of ride-on toys, standing out in a crowded market with options for various interests and age groups.

Online Shopping Experience: A seamless and secure experience is provided through Shopify’s e-commerce platform, complete with SSL encryption for data protection.

Product Listings: Detailed listings with high-quality images and product videos give customers a comprehensive view of the toys.

Customer Interaction and Support: RiiRoo adopts a digital-first customer service approach, with email and live chat support and a rich help page full of articles and videos.

Company Ethos and Structure: As a family-run business, RiiRoo prioritises customer satisfaction and offers products that bring joy to families.

Additional Services and Offers: Beyond sales, RiiRoo provides valuable accessories, a comprehensive warranty policy, and an informative newsletter to enhance customer experience.

Assembly Service: They offer a professional assembly service to ensure products are delivered ready for use, adhering to safety regulations.

Conclusion: RiiRoo is dedicated to providing a satisfying shopping experience with its extensive product range, digital-first support, and additional services that add value to customer purchases.

RiiRoo’s Market Position

RiiRoo isn’t just another retailer in the crowded market of children’s toys. When compared to giants like SmythsToys, Argos, Outdoortoys, OutsidePlay, Electric Ride on Cars, and Kids Electric Cars, RiiRoo stands out for possibly having the most extensive selection of ride-on toys. 

This vast range caters to a wide spectrum of interests and age groups, making it a one-stop shop for ride-on toy enthusiasts.

Online Shopping Experience

RiiRoo leverages Shopify’s robust e-commerce platform, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience. 

There have been a lot of ecommerce spammy websites on Facebook in recent years, but these are generally thrown up on either Wix or WordPress sites that are easy to set up and delete as and when. 

Shopify on the other hand is a more robust and reputable platform, often chosen by serious businesses committed to long-term growth and customer satisfaction. 

Unlike the ephemeral nature of sites built on platforms like Wix or WordPress, which are sometimes used for quick, spammy setups, Shopify’s infrastructure is designed to support legitimate e-commerce operations. 

This includes comprehensive security measures, reliable customer support, and a suite of tools tailored for professional online retail. 

Therefore, a business choosing Shopify is often indicative of a more significant investment in their online presence and a commitment to providing a trustworthy and stable shopping experience for their customers.


An image showing the RiiRoo website is secured with an SSL certificate.

RiiRoo prioritises website security, notably through the implementation of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. 

This ensures that all data, like personal information and payment details, is securely transmitted. 

The presence of ‘https’ in their web address and a padlock icon in the browser confirms this secure connection, reassuring customers of a safe and protected online shopping experience.

Product listings

An example of a RiiRoo description

Each product listing is meticulously detailed, providing parents with all the information they need. 

What makes RiiRoo unique is their use of product videos. These videos offer a real-life view of the toys in action, enhancing the online shopping experience. 

Additionally, the high-quality images allow for a closer look at the product’s features and build quality.

Additional tabs

RiiRoo additional product tabs

Each product listing has additional tabs for extra info on each product:

  • General Features: Offers an overview of the product’s primary characteristics and functionalities.
  • Media Console Features: Details the entertainment options available with the product, such as built-in music or interactive displays.
  • Battery & Motors: Provides specifications about the power system, including battery life and motor capabilities.
  • Seat Capacity & Features: Describes seating arrangements, including the number of seats and any special features like safety belts or adjustable settings.
  • Dimensions & Weights: Lists the size and weight of the product, which is essential for understanding the space required and its portability.
  • Looking for Spare Parts?: Directs to a section where customers can find and purchase spare parts specific to the product, ensuring long-term support and maintenance.
  • Q & A: Contains a curated list of frequently asked questions, offering quick answers to common queries.
  • Age & Max Height Guidelines: Advises on the suitable age range and height limits for the product, ensuring appropriate and safe usage.
  • Delivery Services: Informs about the delivery options, timeframes, and any special shipping information.

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Customer Interaction and Support

RiiRoo’s approach to customer service is modern and digital-first. While they do not offer phone support, customers can reach out via email at [email protected] or engage in live chats during working hours.

Their help page is a treasure trove of information, with articles and videos that cover a wide range of queries and concerns.

RiiRoo Contact Information

For customers looking to get in touch with RiiRoo, it’s important to note the specific channels available for communication:

  • Phone Number: RiiRoo does have a contact number (01536 682268), but it’s important to be aware that this line is used exclusively for outgoing calls and does not accept incoming calls. As such, customers will not be able to reach RiiRoo directly by phone.
  • Email Communication: The primary and most effective way to contact RiiRoo is via email. Customers can send their inquiries or concerns to [email protected]. This email is actively monitored, and the RiiRoo support team is dedicated to providing timely and helpful responses.
  • Live Chat Feature: For immediate assistance, RiiRoo offers a live chat feature on their website. This can be a quick and convenient way to get answers to questions or resolve issues in real time during their working hours.
  • Contact Form: Additionally, customers can reach out to RiiRoo through their contact form available at RiiRoo Contact Us. This form is a straightforward way to send a message directly to their customer service team.

RiiRoo is committed to providing excellent customer service and has established these communication channels to ensure their customers have a smooth and supportive experience.

Customers are encouraged to use these avenues for any queries or assistance they may need.

Content and Guidance

RiiRoo goes beyond mere selling; they educate. Their ride-on toy guides are a testament to their commitment to informed purchasing. 

These guides, combined with their regular posts of promotional videos and content, establish RiiRoo as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source in the ride-on toy market.

Company Ethos and Structure

At its core, RiiRoo is a family-run business, a rarity in an industry dominated by large conglomerates. 

This family-centric approach is evident in their dedication to customer satisfaction and their selection of products that bring joy to families.

RiiRoo Professional Assembly Service

RiiRoo offers a toy assembly service where their team assembles purchased toys for customers. Once a toy is bought, RiiRoo assembles it, ensures it’s working properly, and then prepares it for delivery, either in a box or on a pallet.

Customers only need to unpack and connect the battery upon delivery, as legal restrictions prevent shipping with the battery connected. Choosing this assembly service means Next Day Delivery isn’t available, so planning ahead for special occasions is advised.

Additional Services and Offers

RiiRoo’s offerings are not limited to just selling toys. They have an informative newsletter, frequently updated with helpful content and sale offers. 

Their warranty policy is comprehensive, detailed further on their warranty page. Additionally, RiiRoo understands the importance of longevity in children’s toys. 

Their commitment to this is evident in their provision of spare parts for their products, ensuring long-term usability and value.

Accessorise Your Ride: RiiRoo’s Range of Ride-On Accessories

In addition to their impressive selection of ride-on toys, RiiRoo understands that the fun doesn’t stop at the purchase of a new toy car or bike. 

To enhance the playtime experience, they offer a variety of accessories that cater to the needs and wants of young adventurers. 

At RiiRoo’s accessories collection, customers can find an array of items designed to complement and augment their ride-on vehicles.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a new purchase or breathe new life into a well-loved toy, their accessories range offers everything from practical add-ons to whimsical enhancements.

From spare chargers and batteries to ensure the fun never runs out, to personalised number plates that add a unique touch, the selection is curated to elevate the joy of ride-on toys.

Safety is also a top priority, and RiiRoo provides essential safety gear like helmets and pads, ensuring that kids can enjoy their ride-ons with peace of mind. 

For those looking to make a statement, there are even custom decals and sound system upgrades that can make any ride-on stand out in the neighborhood.

This commitment to offering accessories is another aspect that sets RiiRoo apart, providing a complete customer experience that goes beyond the initial sale. 

It’s about creating lasting memories and ensuring that every ride is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

Here’s a list of some of RiiRoo’s accessories:

  • Storage & Personalisation:
    • RiiRoo™ GenX™ USB Stick: A 16GB key-shaped USB for media storage.
    • RiiRoo Ride-On Gift Bow: Elegant silk bows for gifting ride-on.
  • Documentation & Learning:
    • Kids Ride On Driving License: Gives children a sense of ownership.
    • RiiRoo Driving Test and License Kit: Combines fun with learning road rules.
  • Connectivity:
    • Blue2Music™ Bluetooth Adapter: Allows for easy music streaming.
  • Protection & Maintenance:
    • Ride-On Car Rain Cover: Shields the ride-on from weather elements.
    • Safety Helmets: Various licensed and unlicensed helmets for safety.
  • Traffic Education:
    • Kids Traffic Lights & Signs Bundle: Teaches kids traffic rules through play.
    • RiiRoo Ride On Practice Cones: For practical driving experiences.
  • Themed Accessories:
    • Various Brand-Specific Driving Test Kits: Include certificates, licenses, and keys.
  • Convenience Add-Ons:
    • Kids Scooter Lunch Bag Accessories: Adorable character-themed bags for snacks on the go.
  • Extended Playtime with Diverse Battery Options:
  • Varied Voltage and Capacity: RiiRoo provides a spectrum of batteries, such as 12V7AH for moderate usage, 12V/10AH for extended running, and smaller options like 6V/4AH for lighter models. For more power-intensive ride-ons, there are 24V batteries in 7AH and 9AH capacities and even robust 48V options for the ultimate play experience. Each battery is tailored to match specific ride-on requirements, ensuring that every child’s adventure can last as long as possible with the right power source.


RiiRoo stands out in the world of ride-on toys for its expansive selection, detailed product information, digital-first customer support, educational content, and family-centered approach. 

Their use of a robust e-commerce platform and additional services like warranties and spare parts sales add layers of trust and value to the customer experience.

For those interested in exploring the world of ride-on toys, whether as a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector, RiiRoo offers a comprehensive and satisfying shopping experience. 

Visit RiiRoo’s website to discover their extensive range and learn more about their offerings.

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FAQs of RiiRoo

What makes RiiRoo different from other ride-on toy retailers?

RiiRoo stands out in the market with its extensive selection of ride-on toys, catering to various interests and age groups. Compared to other retailers, they offer a unique range that includes everything from cars to bikes, backed by over six years of industry experience.

How secure is the online shopping experience with RiiRoo?

RiiRoo uses Shopify’s robust e-commerce platform, ensuring a secure and seamless shopping experience. With SSL encryption, customers can be confident that their personal information and payment details are protected, as indicated by the ‘https’ in RiiRoo’s web address and the padlock icon in the browser.

Does RiiRoo offer support and guidance on their products?

Yes, RiiRoo provides excellent customer support and educational content. They have a digital-first approach with email and live chat options, a comprehensive help page, and regular updates with ride-on toy guides and promotional videos, making them a knowledgeable source in the market.

What additional services does RiiRoo offer to enhance the value of their toys?

RiiRoo goes beyond just selling toys; they offer a range of accessories, spare parts, and a comprehensive warranty policy. Their accessories enhance the playtime experience, while the availability of spare parts and a robust warranty policy ensure long-term value and customer satisfaction.


I currently look after the marketing for RiiRoo.

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