Calendar of Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness and Special Events 2024 – 2025

Calendar of Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness and Special Events

Explore our comprehensive guide to the year’s events, covering everything from holidays, festivals, and observances to unique, one-time happenings.

Our calendar spans cultural and religious festivities, notable dates of awareness, and historical commemorations, both in the UK and around the world.

Whether you’re planning ahead for 2024 or 2025, our constantly updated collection ensures you have the latest information on upcoming events, seasonal celebrations, and global gatherings for the next 12 months.

It's March 2024

March dances in with the freshness of spring, inviting us to celebrate the vibrant traditions of St.

David’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, fostering a love for reading on World Book Day, and marking the cheerful beginning of British Summer Time by month’s end.

It’s a period of renewal, greenery, and community spirit, blossoming with activities and celebrations.

Events in March 2024

Events For Future Months

April fools us into laughter on its first day, setting a light-hearted tone for a month dedicated to our planet on Earth Day, honoring England’s patron saint on St. George’s Day, and celebrating the whimsical charm of Penguin Day. We also pay tribute to the bard, William Shakespeare, on the anniversary of his birth and death (23rd April), immersing ourselves in the richness of literature and performance.

As spring reaches its peak, May delights with the traditional festivities of May Day, a break for UK schools signaling the start of half term, and the simple pleasure of enjoying a treat on World Biscuit Day.

It’s a time when the air is filled with the scent of blooming flowers and the sound of children’s laughter.

June ushers in the long-awaited summer, with days stretching longer and spirits lifting higher. This month, we honor fathers on Father’s Day, reflect on the beauty and significance of our oceans on World Oceans Day, and celebrate the tall and majestic on World Giraffe Day.

It’s a perfect blend of appreciation for family, nature, and the world’s wonders.

With schools closing for the summer break, July bursts with celebrations from Canada Day and American Independence Day to the magical birthday of Harry Potter.

It’s a time of freedom, festivities, and fantasy, embracing the heat and the joy of leisure and imagination.

August revels in the height of summer, marking Yorkshire Day, Sea Serpent Day, and World Infinity Day.

It’s a period for celebrating local pride, indulging in the mysteries of folklore, and contemplating the endless possibilities that the concept of infinity brings to our minds.

As the air begins to cool and the leaves start to turn, September brings us back to school and into the season of harvest. It’s a time for celebrating the Harvest Festival and for Tolkien fans, a special moment to honor Hobbit Day.

This month bridges the carefree spirit of summer with the rich, reflective ambiance of autumn.

October is awash with the vibrant colors of fall and the spirited celebrations of Halloween and the October Half Term. It’s also a month to engage with history and creativity through Black History Month and the imaginative activities of the Big Draw Festival, offering a rich tapestry of learning, creativity, and fun.

November balances solemn remembrance on Remembrance Day with the bright, joyous celebrations of Diwali and the spirited fireworks of Guy Fawkes Night.

It’s a month that encompasses the full spectrum of human emotion, from reflection to celebration.

As the year draws to a close, December wraps us in the warmth of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, while New Year’s Eve beckons us to look forward with hope and excitement.

It’s a month of reflection, connection, and anticipation for the future.

Welcoming the new year, January is a time of celebration, reflection, and embracing new beginnings. From ringing in the New Year to honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Day and the whimsy of Winnie

The Pooh Day, it’s a month that sets the tone for hope, dreams, and the journey ahead.

As the winter season gently fades, February brightens the days with a mix of warmth and whimsy.

It’s a time for embracing the cosy break of the UK Half Term holidays, spreading the sweet joy of World Nutella Day, waiting for the Groundhog to predict the season’s turn, and celebrating love and friendship on St. Valentine’s Day.

A month truly packed with reasons to cherish and connect.

Events in February 2025

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Father's Day
Pancake Day
Pancake Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day

FAQs Calendar of Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness and Special Events

The UK can be visited year-round due to its moderate climate. Spring (late March to early June) and autumn (September to November) are ideal for experiencing the changing colors of the countryside.

London Fashion Week will take place from 16th to 20th February 2024, celebrating its 40th anniversary and showcasing both menswear and womenswear collections. This event is a significant platform for designers, retailers, media, and consumers to view and purchase collections, bringing together fashion, culture, and technology.

The Chelsea Flower Show 2024 will take place from 21st to 25th May 2024 at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London. The show opens on Tuesday, 21st May and Wednesday, 22nd May for RHS members only, from 8am to 8pm. Non-RHS members can attend on Thursday, 23rd May and Friday, 24th May from 8am to 8pm. The show concludes on Saturday, 25th May from 8am to 5.30pm, with the plant sell-off starting at 4pm.

Trooping the Colour will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024, at Horse Guards Parade in London. This annual ceremony celebrates the official birthday of the British sovereign with an impressive parade by the monarch’s personal troops, the Household Division. The event features over 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians marching from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards’ Parade in Whitehall, where the ceremony unfolds. Members of the royal family, including the monarch, participate in the parade either by riding on horseback or traveling in a carriage. The Trooping the Colour ceremony is a significant symbol of British monarchy and military traditions, attracting thousands of spectators each year.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championship in 2024 will be held from Monday, July 1 to Sunday, July 14. The tournament spans over 14 days, starting with the first round matches and culminating with the Men’s Singles Final and Ladies’ Doubles Final on the last day. The schedule includes various rounds of matches leading up to the finals, with play beginning at 11:00 AM local time (GMT +1) each day. Gates open at 10:00 AM daily, and matches on outside courts start at 11:00 AM. Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, on outdoor grass courts.

The Notting Hill Carnival in 2024 will take place on August 25 and 26. This vibrant event, held in West London, is one of the largest street festivals in Europe, celebrating the British West Indian community and promoting cultural unity. The carnival features a colorful parade with elaborate floats, costumed performers, steel bands, and calypso music, attracting over a million attendees from around the world. It is a free event that showcases Caribbean culture and traditions, making it a must-visit for those looking to experience the lively spirit of London’s multicultural heritage.

The Glastonbury Festival in 2024 will take place from Wednesday, June 26 to Sunday, June 30 at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset. This renowned festival is known for its diverse lineup of artists and performances, attracting music enthusiasts from around the world. The event typically features a mix of established and emerging artists across various genres, creating a vibrant and unforgettable experience for attendees. Tickets for the festival have already been sold out, but there will be a resale of any cancelled/returned tickets in April 2024 for those still hoping to attend.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2024 is scheduled to take place from August 2 to August 26. This renowned festival celebrates arts and culture, attracting performers and visitors from around the world. The event features a diverse range of shows, including theatre, comedy, dance, physical theatre, circus, cabaret, children’s shows, musicals, opera, music, spoken word, exhibitions, and events. The festival is known for its open-access policy, allowing anyone with a story to tell and a venue to host them to participate. It is a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent that offers something for everyone.

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