Kids & Family Movies In Cinemas for Easter 2024

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As we kick off the new year, let’s peek into March 2024 and the upcoming Easter School Holidays to see what films are in store.

Just so you know, all the films we’ve picked are rated U, PG, or 12A, so they’re perfect for family outings.

With the school break approaching, you might be on the lookout for fun activities to do with the kids.

Well, a trip to the cinema sounds like a fantastic plan to keep the little ones entertained!

“Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” dives back into the depths with high hopes but ends up sinking under its own weight.

Director James Wan attempts to stitch together various plot threads, but the seams show from the get-go.

Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, grapples with his newfound kingship and fatherhood, all while facing off against old foes and the looming threat of climate change.

The film feels more like a patchwork quilt of disjointed set pieces than a cohesive narrative.

Characters move through the story without fully inhabiting their roles, leaving us adrift in a sea of missed opportunities.

Yet, amidst the chaos, there’s a certain charm to the madness. Momoa brings a genuine enthusiasm to the role, injecting moments of sincerity into the otherwise over-the-top proceedings.

His commitment to both his character and the film’s environmental message shines through, even if the execution falls short.

In the end, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” struggles to stay afloat in a sea of competing superhero franchises.

While it may capture some of the magic of its predecessor, it ultimately feels like a diluted version of what once made the DCEU shine.

The Family Plan

“The Family Plan” just hit streaming, directed by Simon Cellan Jones.

I’ve got to say,  it’s like watching a rerun of a show you barely enjoyed the first time.

Mark Wahlberg leads the cast, but his performance lacks the spark we’ve come to expect. The storyline?

Well, it’s as predictable as a Monday morning. Clichés galore, forgettable characters, and jokes that miss the mark faster than a bullet train.

Honestly, it feels like they’re phoning it in for a quick buck.

My advice?

Save your movie night for something with a bit more substance.

Combat Wombat: Double Trouble

In the bustling metropolis of Sanctuary City, crime rates have plummeted thanks to the tireless efforts of Combat Wombat and his trusty sidekick, Gallant Glider.

But as the city basks in newfound safety, our heroic duo finds themselves drowning in a sea of mundane tasks.

Citizens now rely on them for everything from unclogging drains to fetching fast food orders and rescuing frisbees from rooftops.

Just when life seems overwhelming, a new threat emerges in the form of the diabolical Lenny Glick. With his chameleon technology, Glick plans to enslave Sanctuary City in a simulated reality.

It’s up to Combat Wombat, Gallant Glider, and a team of new heroes to join forces and save the day.

Directed by Cusso and co-directed by Tania Vincent, the sequel continues the heartwarming story as Maggie and Sweetie embrace their roles as defenders of justice.

Small acts of kindness and self-sacrifice prove to be powerful tools against evil, as the team navigates themes of grief, online privacy, and miscommunication with wit and charm.

Screenwriter Dominic Morris delivers a refreshing twist with the villain’s motives, weaving in themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion seamlessly. Mailman’s heartfelt performance anchors the film’s lively energy, allowing for both laughs and poignant moments.

Six months into their superhero reign, Maggie and Sweetie launch the Hero On Demand app, promising to be there for citizens anytime, anywhere, for any reason.

But as their popularity soars, so do the demands on their time, testing their resolve and bringing new challenges to light.

Kung Fu Panda 4

Parents should be aware that “Kung Fu Panda 4” marks the return of Po, the beloved Dragon Warrior, in his first theatrical adventure since 2016.

Voiced once again by Jack Black, Po faces the challenge of choosing his successor while contending with a formidable new adversary, Chameleon, voiced by Viola Davis.

As with previous installments, viewers can expect plenty of action-packed sequences and humor, with familiar faces like Dustin Hoffman, Bryan Cranston, and Ian McShane making a comeback, alongside new additions such as Awkwafina and Ke Huy Quan.

In this latest escapade, Po finds himself thrust into the role of Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace, a position he feels ill-prepared for. To make matters worse, the sinister

Chameleon threatens to unleash chaos by seizing Po’s Staff of Wisdom. With the help of the crafty thief Zhen, voiced by Awkwafina, Po embarks on a quest to protect his home from Chameleon’s wicked schemes.

Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about heroism and teamwork from unexpected sources.

Parents should note that while the film is filled with entertaining martial arts action and lighthearted humor, it also touches on themes of leadership, courage, and the importance of working together to overcome challenges.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

In “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” the Spengler family finds themselves back at the iconic New York City firehouse where it all began. Teaming up with the original Ghostbusters, who’ve been working on cutting-edge research to enhance their ghost-busting abilities, they face a chilling challenge when an ancient artifact unleashes a malevolent force, plunging the city into a paranormal deep freeze.

Dubbed the ‘Death Chill,’ this curse strikes victims suddenly, freezing them from the inside out, and threatens to bring about a second Ice Age if left unchecked.

As the mystery deepens, Phoebe and Trevor Spengler, played by McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard, return from their adventures in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” Discovering their familial ties to the original Ghostbusters, they must now harness their newfound skills alongside their mother Callie, played by Carrie Coon, and their former teacher Mr. Grooberson, portrayed by Paul Rudd.

With two generations of Ghostbusters uniting, they embark on a daring mission to save their beloved city from the grips of ancient evil.

As they face off against the deadliest threat yet, they’ll need to combine their ingenuity, courage, and ghost-busting prowess to protect their home and prevent catastrophe.

In this thrilling installment, expect a blend of nostalgia, action-packed sequences, and spine-tingling encounters as the Ghostbusters new and old come together to battle forces beyond the realm of the living.

The Inventor

“The Inventor” is a visually stunning animated film that embarks on a journey through the later years of Leonardo da Vinci’s life, blending education with entertainment in a captivating manner.

Co-directed and written by Jim Capobianco, known for his work at Pixar and his Oscar-nominated screenplay for “Ratatouille,” this film is a labor of love that expands upon his 2009 animated short, “Leonardo.”

Set in 1516, the story follows the elderly Leonardo, voiced by Stephen Fry, as he faces opposition from the Catholic Church, embodied by Pope Leo X, hilariously portrayed by Matt Berry.

Accused of heresy due to his fascination with studying the human body through cadavers, Leonardo finds himself at odds with authority.

Employing a unique blend of stop-motion and hand-drawn animation reminiscent of Rankin/Bass style, “The Inventor” is a visual treat.

While the film may be too sophisticated for younger audiences, it serves as an engaging primer for those intellectually curious about Leonardo’s life and work, inspiring a desire to delve deeper into the subject.

Despite some uncertainty about its target audience, “The Inventor” remains amusing and often engaging, offering a beautifully animated history lesson that leaves a lasting impression.


From the creative minds behind Despicable Me, the Minions spin-offs, and the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, Illumination presents a new adventure comedy: “Migration.”

This heartwarming tale follows a family of mallards as they venture beyond their cosy New England home to join birds migrating south for the winter, all the way to Jamaica.

With stunning animation and a talented voice cast, “Migration” takes flight, despite a storyline that doesn’t quite soar above the rest.

Directed by French cartoonist and filmmaker Benjamin Renner, known for his Oscar-nominated work on the animated feature “Ernest & Celestine,” the film initially aimed for a naturalistic look.

However, Renner ultimately opted for a more minimalist approach, focusing on capturing the essence of the characters with simplicity and charm.

For instance, the character Gwen, the daughter mallard, was crafted with just a drop of watercolor and minimal details, emphasizing her shy and emotive nature.

Renner emphasizes the importance of balancing cuteness with relatability, ensuring that Gwen’s expressive eyes and quirky personality resonate with audiences of all ages.

With its endearing characters and whimsical storytelling, “Migration” promises to be a delightful adventure for the whole family, reminding us that sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination.

Mean Girls

With a nod to the original while injecting some fresh tunes and twists, Mean Girls returns with a delightful update featuring an exceptional cast.

If you can resist comparing it to the iconic original and have a soft spot for musicals, Mean Girls offers a fun and entertaining watch, complete with standout performances.

Tina Fey’s comedic genius shines through in this new adaptation, as we follow the journey of new student Cady Heron, played by Angourie Rice. Welcomed into the social elite known as “The Plastics,” led by the cunning Regina George, portrayed by Reneé Rapp, Cady soon finds herself entangled in high school drama.

As Cady navigates the complexities of teenage life and love, she learns valuable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and staying true to oneself.

With the help of her misfit friends Janis and Damian, played by Auli’i Cravalho and Jaquel Spivey, Cady sets out to challenge the status quo and take down Regina.

Filled with catchy musical numbers and witty dialogue, Mean Girls is a sweet yet poignant exploration of the high school jungle.

Join Cady and her friends as they navigate the twists and turns of teenage life, proving that being true to yourself is the ultimate victory.


Comparing a chocolate factory overseen by Willy Wonka to modern filmmaking is like diving into a decadent, but ultimately overwhelming, dessert.

Just as Wonka’s factory churns out magical treats while hiding the labor behind it, modern films often dazzle with their spectacle while masking the behind-the-scenes complexities of production.

In this analogy, watching a film is akin to drowning in chocolate, much like Wonka and his ward Noodle nearly do in the climax of Wonka’s story.

It’s a sensory overload of sweetness, filled with self-congratulatory fluff and heavy-handed nods to established intellectual properties. The result is a monotonous and overwhelming experience, like being trapped in a decadent mudslide where taste becomes irrelevant.

While elements of Roald Dahl’s original mean-spiritedness peek through in characters like the corrupt Chief of Police, the film’s overall tone leans towards sanitization and inoffensiveness. This shift reflects a calculated decision to appeal to a broader audience and ensure long-term brand viability, even if it sacrifices some of the original story’s edge.

Ultimately, watching Wonka feels like being swept away in a wave of sugary indulgence, where the initial delight is overshadowed by a sense of overwhelming excess.

The Jungle Bunch World Tour

“The Jungle Bunch World Tour” is the spirited sequel to the 2017 French animated film, continuing the adventures of Maurice and his crime-fighting crew as they tackle a new threat. In this installment, a mysterious toxic foam threatens the jungle, prompting the Jungle Bunch to embark on a globe-trotting quest to find the antidote.

The film’s plot centres around a nefarious plan by Henry the Beaver to destroy the jungle with the toxic foam, although his motives remain unclear. Maurice and his team must race against time, navigating various challenges and subplots, including a daring heist to obtain a rare ingredient from the enigmatic Sacred Circle of Stink.

Filled with globe-trotting adventure and zany antics, “The Jungle Bunch World Tour” offers a peppy but somewhat inconsequential sequel to its predecessor.

While younger audiences may find the film entertaining, older viewers may find it lacking in depth and engagement.

Overall, “The Jungle Bunch World Tour” provides an enjoyable romp for fans of the original film, but may not offer much for those seeking a more substantial animated adventure.


There are several new kids and family movies coming out in 2024. Some of the anticipated titles include “Mean Girls” (January 2024), “Elio” (March 2024), “Kung Fu Panda 4” (March 2024), and “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” (March 2024)

Yes, 2024 is set to be a year of sequels and animated adventures. Some of the movies to look forward to include “Kung Fu Panda 4” and “Despicable Me 4”

If you’re looking for Easter-themed movies to watch with your family, some options include “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” “Chocolat,” and “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”

You can find a list of kids and family movies in theaters for Easter 2024 on websites like Rotten Tomatoes and Parent Picks.

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