Kent School Holidays 2024 and 2025

Kent School Holidays

This page offers comprehensive details about the 2024 and 2025 UK school holidays as released by the Kent County Council in England, providing a useful starting point for your planning.

Council-level holiday dates typically remain unchanged, but it’s a good practice to periodically revisit this page for any updates that may arise. To get the most current and official holiday information, we suggest consulting the Kent County Council website for their 2023-2024 approved calendar and 2024-2025 approved calendar. Additionally, for any urgent updates or recent changes not yet reflected in the official calendars, the Kent County Council homepage is a valuable resource to visit.

Streamline your travel planning with England School Holiday Dates.

Please keep in mind that holiday dates for individual schools might vary due to teacher training days and other unique factors specific to each school.

Kent School Holidays 2023/2024

September 2023 to July 2024

Term 1

Start: Friday 1 September 2023

Finish: Friday 20 October 2023

Autumn break: Monday 23 October 2023 to Friday 27 October 2023

Term 2

Start: Monday 30 October 2023

Finish: Wednesday 20 December 2023

Christmas break: Thursday 21 December 2023 to Tuesday 2 January 2024

Term 3

Start: Wednesday 3 January 2024

Finish: Friday 9 February 2024

February break: Monday 12 February 2024 to Friday 16 February 2024

Term 4

Start: Monday 19 February 2024

Finish: Thursday 28 March 2024

Easter break: Friday 29 March 2024 to Friday 12 April 2024

Term 5

Start: Monday 15 April 2024

Finish: Friday 24 May 2024

Late spring break: Monday 27 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024

Term 6

Start: Monday 3 June 2024

Finish: Friday 19 July 2024

Kent School Holiday 2024/2025

  • Term Starts:  2nd September 2024
  • Autumn Term: 2nd September 2024- 25th October 2024
  • October Half Term: 25th October 2024-20th December 2024
  • Christmas Holidays: 20th December 2024- 6th January 2025
  • Spring Term: 06th January 2025-14th February 2025
  • February Half Term: 14th February 2025-24th February 2025
  • Easter Holidays: 04th April 25- 22nd April 2025
  • Summer Term: 02nd June 2025-22nd July 2025
  • May Half Term: 23rd May 2025-02nd June 2025

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FAQs on Kent School Holidays

Some of the most popular activities for students during the Kent school holidays include:

  1. Exploring Charming Towns, Beautiful Beaches, and Impressive Castles in Kent.
  2. Visiting Dreamland in Margate for heartwarming and nostalgic fun.
  3. Engaging in various events and activities offered by Kent State University, ranging from arts and theatre to athletics, speakers, and workshops.
  4. Enjoying Summer Holiday Activities for Kids near Glasgow, such as visiting the Time Capsule Waterpark in Coatbridge and Flip Out Glasgow, a trampoline park.

These activities offer a diverse range of options for students to enjoy during the school holidays in Kent, catering to various interests and age groups.

Some outdoor activities for students during the Kent school holidays include:

  1. Visiting Charming Towns and Beautiful Beaches: Kent offers the opportunity to explore charming towns, beautiful beaches, and impressive castles, providing a mix of cultural and natural experiences.
  2. The Hop Farm: This venue offers outdoor play, magic shows, discos, bumper cars, and other fun activities for kids during the school holidays.
  3. Groombridge Place: A day out for families in Kent, offering outdoor activities such as giant jumping pillows, a kid’s driving school, a magic castle, and outdoor adventure play.
  4. Go Ape and Bewl Water: Go Ape locations in Kent, such as Bedgebury and Leeds Castle, offer outdoor adventures for older kids, while Bewl Water provides water sports for older kids and fun activities for younger children.

These activities provide students with a range of outdoor experiences to enjoy during the school holidays in Kent.

Some indoor activities for students during the Kent school holidays include:

  1. Trampoline Parks and Arenas: Trampoline parks and arenas offer children a fun way to let off steam and stay fit, providing an exciting indoor experience.
  2. Roller Skating: Indoor roller skating rinks, such as the retro Roller Room at Dreamland, offer a nostalgic and entertaining experience for children during the school holidays.
  3. Soft Play Centers: Kent offers various soft play centers, providing children with a safe and enjoyable indoor play environment, especially during inclement weather.
  4. Ice Skating: Planet Ice in Gillingham offers a friendly atmosphere and fun ice skating experience for the whole family, making it a great indoor activity during the school holidays.

These activities provide students with a range of engaging indoor options to enjoy during the school holidays in Kent.

Some popular museums and art galleries in Kent that are popular among students during the holidays include:

  1. The Beaney House of Arts & Knowledge: Located in Canterbury, this museum and art gallery offers various activities for kids, including themed trails, dressing up, playing roman games, handling roman objects, and creating their own mosaics.
  2. Turner Contemporary: This gallery in Margate offers a wealth of activities for young artists, including messy play, summer holiday sessions, art masterclasses, storytelling, family-friendly art talks, and sensory play.

These venues provide engaging and educational experiences for students during the holidays.

Disclaimer: The information provided on the “Kent School Holidays” page is intended for general informational purposes only.

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Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Please note that holiday dates can vary depending on the region and the individual school.

We advise parents and guardians to check with their local education authority or the respective schools for confirmation of the exact dates and any potential changes that may occur.

We cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies or changes in the school holiday schedules.

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